Handheld VacuumIf you are in search of a small light-weight vacuum, a hand vacuum is the way to go. The best handheld vacuum machines are small and light in nature, allowing you to go about your cleaning in a simple way. They are battery-powered and designed in the long overhaul, to work with large upright cleaners.

An upright cleaner may not be able to clean some areas like the car upholstery or the staircase. In this case a hand vacuum comes in and is able to play this role in a very efficient way. With its design and battery-powered nature, it is able to substitute corded vacuums in areas unreachable to them.

If you are reading this article, you definitely will understand how to go about shopping for the right handheld vacuum.

Identifying The Right One

With purchasing vacuums, what guides you is your budget, operational needs, power and functionality.

1. Weight

Hand vacuums maybe naturally considered to be light, but don’t be fooled just easily. Some hand vacuums could be designed with some extra weight that could be strenuous during cleaning especially in cases where bending is unavoidable.

2. Identify the extra features that come with the device

Vacuums come with extra features dependent on the functionality and this should be considered. For tight spaces for example, hose attachments could be added. For crevice-cleaning attachments, this could play part in cleaning areas like corners and crevices.

3. Analyze the battery life

Since hand vacuums are powered by batteries, they will be highly dependent on the life of the battery. A vacuum could lose functionality altogether or its suction abilities when the power from the battery is low.

4. How powerful is the vacuum cleaner

At times people pass off this relevant analysis when making their purchase. You may not be allowed to use the product to test for such features but you could research on the amount of power the vacuum consumes while in action; this is very important.

5. Assess the ease of operation

Not every hand vacuum would be interesting to use as some may be comfortable for the hand and others quite the contrary. This may seem obvious but what’s important is to consider what is suitable for your cleaning needs.

Highly-ranked Handheld Vacuums

The following is an outlined list of the quality hand vacuums available in the market:

  • Black & Decker-CHV1510 – This is a great cordless hand vacuum. It spots a lot of sales in Amazon, which is a sure testimony of its liking by customers.
  • Eureka easy clean – This is hand vacuum that is corded. It is equally good and slightly cheaper compared to its predecessor.
  • Eraser Bissell 33A1 – This is another handheld vacuum that offers quality results.
  • While the list may be long, the following handheld vacuums could also be considered: expensive Dyson DC34, hoover platinum linx-BH50030, dirt devil ultra-M08230RED, the average-priced shark Pet-perfect (SV780), to the low-priced BDH7200CHV Black & Decker & Shark 12 Volt (SV7728)

Picking From The List

Paying close attention to your cleaning needs will be the first step towards seeing that you get the right hand vacuum for your cleaning needs. This may seem tough to begin with but with just the right calculation, you’ll sure get it right.

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