While price is obviously not the only consideration to make when choosing the right vacuum for use on hardwood floors, I believe it often arises from the features expected. The more useful the features included, certainly the better the expected performance. You would certainly want to agree with me that as a general rule you can only expect to get what you pay for. Machines priced below $100 often tend to perform poorly, but those priced above $200 and especially around $600 or even above come equipped with features of their worth.

However, I cannot stress enough the point that you need to have the most effective machine available when it comes to proper hardwood maintainance. As you compare different high-end vacuums, make sure you are focused more on their features. This will ensure they are suitable for cleaning hardwood floors that require great attention for proper maintenance.

5 Important Features To Consider

To keep your wooden floor well maintained so that it continues to appeal with polished and shiny looks, I would strongly advise you consider buying a cleaner based on the following features:

1. Suction power

In order to clean dirt stuck on hardwood with less effort, the suction power should definitely be strong. Only the expensive vacuums for hardwood floors I can confirm provide more suction power. It is however the big appliances that come with more powerful motors and you should therefore take weight into consideration as well. This is why powerful backpack vacuums make the best cleaners for hardwood flooring: http://www.hardwoodchamp.com/backpack-vacuum/

2. Compact design and lightweight

If you do not want to use a lot of energy moving your vacuum cleaner, consider a lightweight one that is also compact in design. I am sure you don’t want an increased risk of damaging the machine itself, or even worse, scratching and scuffing the floor. An ergonomically designed machine comes with the right controls and will not have you bend most of the time. This is where the canister vacuums become better candidates than most upright vacuum cleaners.

3. Avoid beater brushes

Hardwood can be damaged by the hard bristles of beater brushes so I would advise against vacuum heads that use them. They are only useful when it comes to cleaning carpets and similar surfaces.

4. Rubber Padding Or Felt Stripes

Scratching can accidentally happen while using certain types of vacuums. Rubber padded or felt striped vacuum cleaners can certainly avoid the unwanted scratches.

5. Wet and dry functions

I highly recommend a more versatile vacuum machine that significantly promises to reduce your work. A machine that can vacuum, wash and dry your hardwood floor will certainly save you a lot of time. The machine should use just the right amount of water to help you clean liquid spills effectively. The only caution I give you here is to make sure no water drops are left behind as they can cause warping and other damages on hardwood over time.

Other Considerations

Most of the vacuum cleaners with a combination of the above features are certainly expensive. However, hardwood flooring is also expensive and demands top-notch maintenance. I strongly advise you not to buy cheap vacuums that might cause costly damage on your wooden floor. Expensive machines will also often come with the best warranties as their manufacturers have great confidence in the products. Visit www.hardwoodchamp.com for more details on how to pick and choose the best vacuum for these kinds of hard floors.

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